Consulting Services

Today, with an IT consultant base in excess of 200, IINFOCOMM continues to scour the world for the right mix of skills, aptitude and attitude and puts short-listed candidates through a stringent recruitment process.

Meeting the demands of tight project deadlines today often necessitates that an abundant supply of high-quality personnel be on hand almost instantaneously. Because the old ‘identify-recruit-train-retrain’ process simply cannot deliver reliably, IINFOCOMM provides a people-centric solution which is our proven success.

Offering Methodology

Through our ongoing recruitment process, we are continuously searching the world for IT professionals with aptitude, attitude and precisely the right mix of skills. All candidates who make our short list must go on to pass a stringent testing process. Our insistence on quality enables us to offer access to a team of experienced, mobile, versatile and enthusiastic software professionals. In quite a few cases we have been able to provide these full-time IINFOCOMM employees to clients in just two weeks.



Professional Services – The IINFOCOMM Advantage

  • Deployed more than 2000 consultants over the last 12 years
  • Client relationships lasting over 12 years


  • Global recruitment team of 30 members to serve across countries
  • Partnerships in many regions
  • Experience in creating, deploying and managing multi-racial and multi-lingual teams


  • Dedicated account management team
  • 24 hour response time
  • Appreciation of security and confidentiality requirements in industry specific environments
  • Continuous HR support for consultants


  • Continuous performance monitoring and feedback
  • Low attrition rates achieved through quality internal processes
  • Ongoing retention framework (focused teams)

Key Indicators

Quality Leadership

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Timely deployment of all project-based resources resulting in timely completion of projects

Measurable business results

  • Next Business Day response time
  • Accuracy rate of over 80%

Some of our Offerings are:

Contract to Hire Staffing ( T&M Model)

  • Provide contract staff on need basis with the option of converting them to client’s payroll.

Contract Staff Augmentation (T&M Model)

  • Understand client requirements and help them to ramp up teams on need basis-onsite.

Offsite and Offshore Staffing (FPP and T&M Models)

  • Understand client requirements and help them to ramp up teams on need basis-offsite or offshore.


IINFOCOMM first undertakes exercises to understand the client’s needs based on company culture, nature of business, skill-set requirement, responsibilities and compensation. We then shortlist candidates through application and HR screening after which, with prior client consent, we follow it up by reference checks. We have a time tested engagement and management model.



WinShore Delivery Model

IINFOCOMM’s WinShore Delivery Model enables its customers to leverage varied locations across the globe that provide optimized value for every component of delivery. Whether it is procuring the best skills, covering 24×7 service spread, lower cost of ownership or leveraging domain expertise, the WinShore Delivery Model ensures that each of these objectives are met. The model is customized for every project and objective such as project cost, criticality and level of expertise are determined in advance. Based on this, we evaluate client location (On-site), IINFOCOMM development center in Houston (Off-site) and IINFOCOMM development center in Bangalore (Offshore) to determine which location would provide the best value in terms of cost, skills availability, service coverage, efficiency and quality of deliverables and move the delivery to a location that provides the best fit.

Service Portfolio

Application Management Services: range from custom development and web-based applications to application maintenance and support services

Remote Application Testing Services: uses state-of-the-art testing tools and techniques to shorten the testing time frame for your applicationst

Application Migration Services: convert, enhance and/or replace ineffective applications with new technologies and current software development strategies

Package Management Services: cover consultation, customization, implementation, upgrades and support for ERP and Customer Relationship Management solutions

Content Management Services: include Knowledge Management Services, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing based on solutions

Remote Infrastructure Management Services: comprise Network, Systems Services and Security Management

Business Process Outsourcing: for help desk and customer transaction processing