Training Services


Implementing an ERP system is a significant investment both financially as well as in valuable management time. Yet user skills and resourcing is considered the top critical success factor behind change management.

For a system to be implemented effectively, the training program must be developed alongside the full implementation project phasesand continue after system go-live.

IINFOCOMM’s SAP Training Services are provided by a specialist team focussing on the training needs and delivery for all levels in the business from management through super-user to shop-floor operatives. An SAP Training Program is equally applicable to new system projects as it is to established SAP implementations


Every SAP implementation project will include the provision of training. However, in most projects this is delivered as knowledge transfer in a “train the trainer” approach, where the SAP consultants will train key customer staff, who in turn will train their operatives. This has the advantage of delivering end-user training in an operational context, but is limited in that the delivery may be ad-hoc and un-skilled, it may not be well supported with training materials and it may not be repeatable after system go-live. It will be dependant on local staff and there may not be facilities for self-learning.

IINFOCOMM’s SAP Training Services address the above shortcomings by developing and supporting end-user training that is aligned to the specific SAP configuration and the local business needs.


Investment in end-user training results in a significant increase in system effectiveness:

  • Fewer data errors.
  • Fewer user errors.
  • Extended use of system features.
  • Fewer calls to the Help Desk.
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Increased user productivity.
  • Reduced off-line workarounds.
  • Increase overall system benefits and project success.
  • Reduce reliance on external consultants.
  • Build up in-house expertise to make more effective use of SAP
  • .The same quality of training is available for new staff.
  • Refresher training for existing staff.
  • Self-learning facilities reduce ongoing training costs.
  • Customised training improves user acceptance.
  • Reduce delays addressing user queries.

You’ve invested, you’ve implemented, and now you’re done, right? Wrong.

Once your SAP solution goes live, you can take advantage of SAP services that can help you plan and support ongoing training services. As a result, you can fine-tune and enhance your solution — and drive maximum ROI for your SAP investment.

You’ll benefit from expert guidance on organizational training requirements such as making upgrades, implementing new functionality and applications, and rolling out your enhancements.

We can also help you with your strategic planning, so you are positioned to address changing needs as your business grows. Plus, we’ll work with you to meet your training needs at the individual level in areas such as ongoing attrition, new hires, and other continuous improvement initiatives — so the knowledge your company acquires is never lost.

Make your SAP investment deliver more business value with better skilled and productive users!

When your business has invested in SAP to help manage your business, then you need to ensure the critical people part of the process is working as efficiently as the systems. User frustration and bad practices not only cause low operational efficiency but increase costs of operation due to reliance on your help desk and IT staff.

Improve business productivity

Ensuring all your end users are effectively trained will give your workforce the knowledge and skills they need to meet your strategic goals. We offer a full range of education courses designed to help you leverage the power of SAP, and drive greater proficiency and productivity into your organisation.

  • Develop the skills to best use SAP to perform day-to-day activities accurately and efficiently
  • Increase user satisfaction and confidence
  • Achieve standardization and best practices across your organisation
  • Rapidly turn new hires into performers
  • Free up your super users to focus on more valuable tasks
  • Improve compliance and governance

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